>The Arabian Frontier of the British Raj


Today, I attended a very interesting conference in NCDR, Abu Dhabi, UAE relating to the subject of Britain’s relationship with Eastern Arabia and Southern Persia during Nineteenth-Century and given by James Onley, Director of Gulf Studies & Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern History, University of Exeter.

J. Onley presented the results of his study based on records kept in British national archives and private records provided by members of families whose early grand fathers were involved in The Gulf Residency. He put the accent on the south of Iran and Bahrain as important points in this history.

Maps, very old photos, genealogic charts have been displayed and commented among very sensitive stories and anecdotes narrated.

His conference rich and well documented, because it was based on extensive archival research, he tried to show, by evidences how Britain’s Political Resident in the Gulf and the British officers could have representative from local citizens of the gulf region for a long time and how they did to promote British interests throughout the region, and managed political relations with the Arab rulers and governors in the region.

He also presented his book intitled : The Arabian Frontier of the British Raj: Merchants, Rulers, and the British in the Nineteenth-Century Gulf.


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