>Modern management models applied to archival functions


I found this article ” Applying Mintzberg’s Theories on Organizational Configuration to Archival
very interesting and full of smart ideas leading to make archival science adapting models and theories from other specialties and knowledge areas.
This article applies Henry Mintzberg’s theories on organizational configuration to archival appraisal as a means of demonstrating how organizational theory can inform archival theory.
The article presents a number of record-keeping and archival appraisal hypotheses based on Mintzberg’s theories. It then compares these hypotheses to appraisal case studies by Helen Samuels and JoAnne Yates as a means of verifying the validity of the hypotheses. Finally, a methodology is presented for applying Mintzberg’s theories to conduct appraisal.
The article concludes that Mintzberg’s theories, and the record-keeping and appraisal hypotheses derived from them, provide archivists with a faster and more precise means of identifying sites of archivally significant records than existing appraisal theories and strategies.
It further concludes that, given the utility of Mintzberg’s theories for archival appraisal, organizational theory offers great potential for informing archival theory.

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