>Building the right tools: The Electronic Records Archives In NARA


A key tool in the National Archives and Records Administration’s strategy for tackling its digital challenges is the Electronic Records Archives (ERA).
NARA officials say their $550 million development effort will result in archives in which electronic documents are available perpetually despite on-going changes in hardware and software. Here are the milestones for their plan.
December 2003 — Request for proposals is released.
August 2004 — Design competition contracts are awarded to Harris and Lockheed Martin.
September 2005 — Lockheed Martin is selected to develop the ERA.
2005-2008 — Ability to transfer, inspect and store electronic records is developed.
June 2008 — Initial operating capability is achieved.
2008-2009 — Rapid addition, search and retrieval of electronic records from the George W. Bush administration’s White House is achieved.
2009 to 2010 — Public access, preservation framework prototype and active backup are in development.
2010 to 2011 — Preservation capabilities and expanded access are to be implemented.
2011 to 2012 — Analysis and design of final system are to be performed.
March 2012 — Basic ERA system are to be fully operational.
Source NARA

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