>Footnote helps to find and share historic documents


Footnote helps to find and share historic documents. The patented digitization process is helping bring collections to life on the web everyday. But Footnote is more than just a dusty, digital archive online. It provides the tools to share historical passions and connect with others.
Footnote is perfect for History Buffs , Genealogists, Researchers, Family Historians, Military Historians, Teachers, Institutions and Company History.
The concept for Footnote.com is rooted in the company’s years of experience in the digitization business as iArchives, Inc. Starting in 1999, iArchives digitized historical newspapers and other archive content for leading universities, libraries and media companies across the United States.
From the beginning, the iArchives team developed a unique understanding of the value of creating an online repository for the world’s original source documents. Leveraging the proprietary systems and patented processes built for the digitization of paper, microfilm and microfiche collections, the management team made a strategic decision: Use the iArchives platform to provide access to these historically significant and valuable collections.
In January of 2007 Footnote.com goes live with over 5 million documents already featured on the site. Today we continue to grow and bring to life history that was once hidden.

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