>Scanning and Capture Technologies: Process Integration and ROI Enhancement


This survey of over 1,000 end users explores the primary business drivers, implementation obstacles and user issues related to capture, scanning, and recognition technologies.

Data Breakouts by Organizational Role:
Business Types, Document & Records Types, and IT Types
Key Findings:

Risk reduction and compliance arguments relative to scanning and capture are important.
Justifying the investment is a key obstacle that must be overcome in selling capture technologies.
Two “change” obstacles are also clearly important to end users – “change management” and “integration of new technologies”.
Records managers are important in influencing capture decisions, as is the case with other document and content technologies, yet tend to not be the final authority for purchasing.
On-line information resources (search engines, AIIM web site, company web sites, and webinars) are extremely important to end users and prospective end users as they consider scanning and capture technologies.
The ROI experience of end users mirrors the impressive results reported in 2006.
Organizations are clearly seeking to leverage the investment they have made in multi-function devices (MFDs) by extending their use into scanning.

To download the document : http://www.aiim.org/PDFDocuments/32877.pdf


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