>A Manual for Small Archives/aabc.ca memorybc.ca


 I present an interesting and useful manual for beginners in archives management, it is written by Donald A. Baird, Chair Small Archives Committee University Archivist Simon Fraser University and published on the web http://aabc.ca/msa/0_table_of_contents.htm, and he said in the preface “This Manual is not a textbook for professionally educated or trained archivists. It is designed to help persons in small archives, with limited access to training, with few employees, with restricted finances and time. It attempts to explain archival principles and practices, offer guidelines and suggestions for various archival activities, and provide information on available resources, such as archival publications, regional and national associations, and other supplies and services for archives.” Here below the table of content, i hope you will enjoy it.

Table of ContentsPreface
1. Getting Started: Your Archival Organization
2. Resources: People, Facilities, Money
3. Bringing Material Into Your Archives: Acquiring, Appraising, and Accessioning
4. Organizing Archival Material
5. Describing Archival Material
6. Conservation and Security
7. Textual Records
8. Photographs and Other Visual Records
9. Maps, Plans, and Architectural Drawings
10. Sound Recordings and Oral History
11. Other Archival Holdings
12. Records Management Programmes
13. Reference Services and Public Relations Activities
14. Automation and Small Archives

Glossary of Archival Terms

Archival Associations


Other Resources


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