>Paper records still prominent for 86 percent of IT professionals | Messaging Architects


Contributed by Debbie Howlett (Monday, November 01, 2010) Category : Email archiving
Eighty-six percent of IT professionals are still reliant on paper records despite impending government mandates and other regulations requiring updates to electronically stored information. Furthermore, 51 percent of respondents noted that they are “very reliant” on paper records despite the availability of reliable data management and email archiving solutions.
Even with proven cost benefits of the transition to electronic records, most organizations reported that they require further motivation to update to digital records. Thirty-two percent of companies found that improving customer service would be enough of a reason to update their data storage systems, while 20 percent would need further evidence that electronic evidence saves money.
Forty-eight percent of companies are still not convinced electronic records management provides adequate security. However, as email becomes an increasingly important aspect of enterprise communication, email archiving’s significance in terms of compliance and management rises proportionally. Failing to implement sound archiving practices can result in loss and sanctions.
A data management company recently reported enterprise email archiving failures were among the largest email issues in 2010.

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