About Me!

I am Soufiane Bouharrat, an Algerian Archivist and Records Management specialist. I am in this field since 1989 when i begun in the Algerian National Archives Center. After several positions in industrial and governmental sector  in my original country, i left to UAE where i have been providing my experience for governemental institutions.

The aim of my blog is to share withh all professional specialists and academic researchers to improve my knowledge. I want through this blog to federate technical papers and posts relating to Records management.


3 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Sir.
    with all due respect.
    i went through some of the articles in the website, they are amazing and of great value.
    I believe that checking the the spelling and the grammatical texts is of a great importance.

    again with all due respect

    • Hi,
      I am really sorry for the delay to thank you for your comment!
      I really appreciate your remark which is true since I am not so good in English language because of my poor learning and practice.
      I promise to keep more attention to what I will write in this language. I hope that you will continue to read my blog.
      Thanks a lot again and best regards.
      Soufiane Bouharrat

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